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My “golden son” aka “anak emas” is so into watches nowadays.  He has been asking me to buy him a proper watch on top of the newly watch bought by wife few weeks ago.  When I asked him why does he need another one when the existing still in good condition? His answer was, the existing one is for school. If the watch breaks or not functioning anymore, he has another one as standby. When I ask what type of watch he wants, he asked me to check it from and I can choose any watches I feel is suitable for him.  Oh my, my boy is growing up so fast, have his own taste some more <slap forehead>.

Let’s pray for MH370

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It has been 5 days since the day MH370 went missing without trace.  Let’s pray for MH370 so that the search team can find them soon.  They need our prayer at the moment. Let’s not give up on them.  God, please hear our prayer, Amen.

Need entertainment?

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I admit, once in a while I need some kind of entertainment. I am that kind of man that will not sit still, for I can get bored easily after awhile.

At home, even after watching a few of the entertainment movie shows through the astro channels, I still not satisfied. I got up, went to my rc crawlers, thinker it little bit here and there, I still not satisfied. I need something different. I need music – my own music sound creation!!
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Facebook is 10!

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fblogoYeah, Facebook is on its 10th Anniversary … yesterday. I know because I am on it for the 7th year already. Hihi.

Thanks to the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, I have met a lot of new friends and be connected back to my old schoolmates. Not to mention found the long lost families members. What a great social hangout, indeed.

Ok, if you are not aware about it, I am here at Joneh JozieT :D Please don’t just request friend, click message me first so I know who to accept. Thanks :)


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Let me start this, many types of addiction but I believe the worst case is addiction to drug. Well, I am saying this not because I am into it or ever. I am just saying this worst simply by comparing it to smoking cigarettes addiction to the drug.

I believe smoking cigarette is not worst than drug right? I believe drug is more dangerous in term of how quick it could kill you. Well, this is again my opinion. One fact is there is a known record that someone that smoke cigarette can live longer than those non-smoker. Go check it out if you do not believe me. Read the rest of this entry »

Family First in 2014!

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Hola. First post on 2014 and first thing I wanna post is about my Family video on June 16th 2009 post..

I missed that moment and watching back the video really makes shed the tears and smiling to ears looking at my chubby twins. Haha. Just love it!!

Kids picture

PapaJ Kids – Josh Luke with the Twins

Ok, to be continued. Gotta stop. Anything, just go back the link above or start at the Keluarga Bahagia post.

Guitar oh guitar.

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Did I ever share with you that I once played guitar? I mean I played once upon time a very long long time ago hahaha. My first song, I mean first code song I know to play was Imagine by John Lennon. I played that song again and again and feel proud. But that was it, I only manage to learn to play that song and I never pursue my interest in guitar anymore until recently my son, Josh wants to learn to play guitar. How on earth I’m going to teach him when I do not own a guitar or have a guitar around the house. I am thinking to buy used yamaha wx5 sale. I guess I have to refresh my memory and learn together with my son. Who knows, I might learn to play another song beside Imagine :lol:

My idol.

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I am shocked when I read on friend’s status that Michael Schumacher is in critical condition after his fall while skiing in the French Alps yesterday. Oh no. I pray for his recovery. He is my idol, my F1 idol. I pray that everything will be alright and most of all I pray for his family. I know Schumi(his nickname in F1) is a fighter. He will fight till the end and I am sure, he is fighting now too. God bless you with speedy recovery, Schumi :(

kosong aka blank

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