PapaJoneh Dot Com running WordPress 2.3.1 now!

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Wordpress 2.3.1 Released logo

Yes PapaJoneh Dot Com is running WordPress 2.3.1 now. I hate errors. Especially the ones keep bugging or reminding me to upgrade. I am no techie person but I can go overboard on all this upgrading if time allowed.

Click this link to see the irritating reminder.
WP 2.3.1 update reminder 1, wp2.3.1 update reminder at footer.
You can ignore them of course :P

Upgrading wordpress using SSH is still the fastest and the most satisfying especially if you did it on your own. I have my own style too but that is not the point. Well, if you are not careful, the worst case scenario is your blog down. That’s all, no need to panic one ;) After all, you will only learn after you fall down mah, right :P

wordpress latest files 2.3.1 icon

So just click the above icon and follow the instructions and be thankful you have upgraded to the latest one. For me I hate error messages and I hate knowing if I do not upgrade, the security of my blog compromise (aisyeh, macam betul saja sia cakap tu :D ). hey, I am not kidding you know, there are over twenty bugs fixed just by installing this latest WP 2.3.1 release. As in our local dialect said, “Don’t play play!” :shock:

One Response only to “PapaJoneh Dot Com running WordPress 2.3.1 now!”

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    chinnee says:
    October 31st, 2007 at 11:03 pm

    After my last experience uploading my blog 2.1, i dare not take any more risk to have it killed one more time :( wanna do it for me? kakaka!!!

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