Big Boy’s Toys

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Oh yeah, Big Boy’s Toys here. If you know me, I am an addict when comes to any RC Toys. I just love them. I wish I am an inventor or at least have the mechanical engineer knowledge to build one as my own creation – BUT I AM NOT! :P

I have so many toys and that not even include my kids’ one. Unfortunately, being a “ground-to-earth” person, whatever it means there, I never dream of owning an aeroplane, what more model planes!!! It is just not me. I rather stay on ground, whether for play or in real life.

No matter how hard my friend “poison” me to join their flying club, in radio control of course, I never fall to that temptation even if they give me one unit to play. I may want to own the model but never like to fly it. I do have a small helicopter though. Haha.

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