Datuk Lee Chong Wei, I am Proud Of You!

Badminton March 16th, 2009 | Viewed 7,425 views

Lee Chong Wei finally beat China’s Lin Dan at the Swiss Open and on straight set some more. Cool. I know. This is a very late story. Should had come out last night at 10:30pm. Haha. Yeah, that’s the time I finished taking all these pictures. Better late than never kan :P [After all, another good news for me, a big fan of Malaysian Badminton Team] … don’t tell me you Malaysian people fan of other country! :eek:

Lee Chong Wei, World No One Champion of Swiss Open picture

I watched the match live at home and I at first could not believe Chong Wei can beat Lin Dan this time at Swiss Open, thanks to his old record with this China’s guy. However, mid way and seeing Chong Wei played, I knew it if he continued playing long rally and slowing down Lin Dan, he could win this tournament.

Swiss Open 2009 Men's final result picture

Sure enough, Chong Wei played Lin Dan till he made lotsa mistakes. Datuk Lee Chong Wei, You the Man!

Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan picture

I found this “shuttlecock” funny … hahahahahahahaha!
Datuk Lee Chong Wei walked by the shuttlecock picture

Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan Men’s Singles Gold Medal Final – LIVE!

Badminton, Sports August 17th, 2008 | Viewed 6,115 views

Guys, are you ready? At 8.45pm local time, GMT +8hrs, our Malaysian Lee Chong Wei, rank number two in the world, carrying heavy burden on his shoulder to get the elusive first Gold in the Badminton event at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, China. The only guy that may able to stop him, is the world number one, Lin Dan from China. Lets hope Lee Chong Wei he can fulfill his dream and the nation tonight.

Lin Dan Vs  Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei is already the Final and this is only time after so long, we can actually smell the Gold Medal is within reach. Lee Chong Wei is at the top of his performance. Is now or never!

Don’t forget Channel 821 Astro. Tonight is the night we will making history. SESB, don’t play with us okay! Hahaha.

update at 9:17pm
1st set men final
First set gone to Lin Dan from China. Score: 21 – 12. Lin Dan is just too fast.

update at 9:28pm
Lin Dan leading 10 – 1. Again, Lin Dan is just too fast and powerful. Lee Chong Wei just could not do anything. It seems like Lee Chong Wei just out. Totally outclassed! Sad but that is what I’m seeing now. :(

update at 9:38pm
Its almost there Lin Dan 19 – 7. Almost impossible to Chong Wei. I’m speechless now. :(

update at 9:58pm
Done. Chong Wei Lose. Lin Dan the man. Silver it is :(

Lee Chong Wei sadness
No tears, no nothing. Still cannot believe. Lee Chong Wei Lose. :(

Lee Chong Wei in the Beijing Olympic 2008 Badminton Final!

Lee Chong Wei, Malaysian, Sports August 15th, 2008 | Viewed 10,430 views

Yes, Lee Chong Wei, Chong Wei Lee, whatever way you call his name, he is in the Badminton Semi Final of the Beijing Olympic 2008 China. I am so damn proud that he is a Malaysian. Malaysia Boleh!

Lee Chong Wei - Our Malaysian Badminton Gold Prospect! Read the rest of this entry »

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