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Chinese New Year 2012 – Water Dragon Year!

Chinese New Year, Public Holiday January 31st, 2012 | Viewed 775 views

Oh yes, long overdue, I skipped the New Year 2012 celebration and direct to the Chinese New year 2012, The Water Dragon Year!

So what we have for this year? I hope many more exciting, happiness and of course we would love to have some kind of prosperity in my house now. We do not celebrate it as merrily as our Christmas but one could not deny the power of this celebration, especially here in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Fish Dance

So what to talk about? Well simply, Happy Chinese New Year 2012, May you have abundance of Happiness and Prosperity from me and my family. Cheers :)

Another Public Holiday Missed!

Announcement, Chinese New Year, personal, Public Holiday January 23rd, 2009 | Viewed 1,452 views

I know I have been talking about holiday and such in this blog but as the title said, another Public Holiday Missed and this time obviously the coming Chinese New Year 2009. Damn.

I will be working right from today, tomorrow Saturday full time till 8pm and same goes on Sunday, and are you ready, Monday and Tuesday till 8pm also, Wednesday, Thursday. Crazy job but someone got to do it and we the core dept for the company have to standby. By Friday only I’ll be at home, re-energizing back all the seven days straight work. Sigh. And you thought the coming Saturday and Sunday I’ll be resting also? Nope, I’ll be in the office (probably spamming your blogs) working again till 8pm. Sigh. This is the life you get when you don’t have any other skill in life. Sigh.

I’m an accountant graduate but working in a computer field with no paper to support. No wonder I have been thrown around in this company. So pity of me. When comes to computer memory, computer hard disk, network card, intranet, VPN, IP that I know. However, when comes to simple term like what is account receivable, there I stuck for a while. Funny isn’t it?

Well, this is just my rambling in the morning after listening si DJ Othoe of Suria FM 105.90. Without him in the morning, we are so boring gila. Do you know that he himself DJ Othoe commented my post on Suria FM Kinabalu? Hahaha. Thanks Othoe. Hahaha.

Anyway, back to the topic. I am gonna be working on Chinese New Year all the way through so I might as well wish earlier here, GONG XI FA CAI to all Chinese or anyone celebrating it. Peace to all mankind.

Happy Chinese New year | Gong Xi Fa Cai

celebration, Chinese New Year February 6th, 2008 | Viewed 2,619 views

Yes, this is the second time from me, Happy Chinese New Year 2008 and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.

Year of the Rat Happy Chinese New Year wish image

It is the year of the Rat and obviously, it is a good year to those born in the year of the Rat. Rat sector is on the North. Another good location for this year. I can elaborate more on this but there are books and magazines about this in detail. I know I love to be on the East Side this year, at Rabbit’s location where the wealth is pouring but as always it is all up to you whether you believe or not. Maybe I will share with you later on but for now, let me just steal this moment of time to wish all my Chinese friends, especially my close friend, Criz Lai, a very Happy Chinese New Year | Gong Xi Fa Cai. Of course, to Huisia, Sasha, mamaBok and not forgetting to Ahpek too. To those who celebrate, again, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too. Seriously and honestly.

Now back to work. I am really busy now. Will talk about the many things in the past that worthy to be shared. Yes, if you care to ask, I am working till 8pm again today where everyone already back home, holidaying. It’s hard when you work under someone big. Oh well, see you all later.

*** to those who had visited this blog and commented, I wanna say thanks. I remember you all in my heart. :)

Still blog hopping!

Blogging, Chinese New Year January 18th, 2008 | Viewed 1,397 views

Just want to inform everyone, I am still on my blog hopping roll. I took 2 days already and still not finish the job. I feel guilty inside for not doing this after all the effort and not so effort visitor that came to my blog. I need to repay back your kindness for typing, clicking that Little Knowledge link to my blog.

If I am still not finish by today, then flame me again for missing your blog/site. I try my very best to visit and comment. I did this not to ask you to come back to my site again but to clear my self guilt inside of me. I need to clear all these feelings before the Chinese New Year. No bad Karma, no bad feelings, no leftovers. yes, not even to the cats or dog :D

Kan bagus we all go to some cruises together-gather and so no need to visit-visit again. Hahaha. Bah, let me start again the list. So many, really so many links I got to follow through. If I miss any of you, tell me here ok. It is a different story if you do not want me to visit yourslah :)

Ok, enough.. time is money, paypal money :D

PapaJoneh Wishes you all Happy Chinese New Year | Gong Xi Fa Cai!

celebration, Chinese New Year January 6th, 2008 | Viewed 1,913 views

Wahhhh, Papa so early lerrr wishing you all Happy Chinese New year. Happy Rat Year! Hahaha. Nice header or not? What about the Spidermans in the house? yeah, I know. Some of you have seen that already but still nice lehh.. Hahaha.

Bah, that is all from me. To all Chinese, Happy happy Chinese New year. Gong Xi Fa Cai. There short and simple. I am still in the office you know when I should be with my family and NOT – WORKING TO MAKE MY BOSS RICHER!! :mad:


If my boss get richer, well I should too right. So it is just appropriate to promote you all this cool cabling company from firefold dot com. If you just have to buy it, buy bulk cable. Much better right ;)

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